Save Our Seawolves Spring Auction

New Items Added on Apr. 8


The University of Alaska Anchorage cut the hockey, alpine skiing, and gymnastics programs from its budget, beginning next season. The University Board or Regents committed to revisiting this decision if the community could raise enough funds to cover two years of operations. Alpine Skiing was reinstated after they raised the necessary funds. Hockey and Gymnastics got an extension to the deadline to raise their funds. This auction is critical to help them reach their their required funding.   Benton Bay Athletic Lions Club and other Anchorage community members are dedicated to saving these Seawolf sports from elimination.

Our Seawolves are an important part of our community: giving hundreds of hours of community service, helping elevate the game, and serving as mentors and local heroes to the younger sports community.


All proceeds will go to support the program that the item donor designated when they donated the item.  Proceeds from item numbers starting with “Y” will go towards Hockey, items starting with “W” will go towards Gymnastics, and items starting with “SOS” will go to support all teams needing funding. If fundraising goals aren’t met and the designated program is eliminated, the proceeds will go to support youth programs in Alaska in the same sport.

Multiple Items Available

When an auction item has more than a single item, remember you are bidding on a single item only. For example, if a photography item has three sessions available, the top three bidders will each be awarded one session. Please see the FAQ or contact Benton Bay Lions if you have any questions.

Item Delivery

The Winning Bidder can pick their items up at 206 E Fireweed Lane, Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday, May 1st from 9am-4pm, May 3rd from 3-7pm, or May 7th from 3-7pm.  If the item fits in standard flat rate envelopes or boxes, they can be shipped priority mail to anywhere in the United States for the following fees for handling and postage:

Envelopes: $18.00

Small Box: $19.00

Medium Box: $26.00

Large Box: $32.00

If special wrapping or packaging is required, the cost will be the cost of the packaging plus postage and $10.00 for handling.

The winning bidder can make other arrangements to get their items by emailing Benton Bay Athletic Lions Club.

Don't want items, but still interested in making a donation?


1. The primary method is for the Winning Bidder to pick their item up at 206 E Fireweed Lane, Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday May 1st, 9am-4pm, Monday May 3rd 3-7pm,  or Friday May 7th 3-7pm.

2. A few items include shipping to the address of the winning bidder or the winner can contact the donor directly to arrange getting the item. In those cases, you will be sent an email within 72 hours with the contact information to claim your prize.

3. Benton Bay Athletic Lions Club (BBALC) will deliver the item within the Anchorage Bowl ($15 Service fee, cash or check). Delivery will be to the address you entered when you created your account to bid.

4 . BBALC will ship your item(s) for a $10 handling fee plus shipping fees to the address you entered when you created your account to bid.

BBALC will use due diligence to ensure the items gets to where the winning bidder wants.

Payment for shipping: You may pay for shipping with a credit card through here or you can send check to pay the fees for shipping.

The highest bidders will each get one item. This is determined by a computer algorithm.  If multiple people have bid the same amount and that amount ranks with the highest bidders, those bidders will be ranked by when they placed their bid.   The first person to bid at that amount will be one of the winning bids, until they are outbid.  

For example, assume 3 items are available and the last bids are as listed below in the order they were bid. 

Bidder A: $150

Bidder B: $150

Bidder C : $150

Bidder D: $200

Bidder E:  $400

At this point, bidders A, D and E would be the winners and the current bid would be listed as $150 on the website.  This is the current bid that must be beaten to get one of the items.  

Note: Assuming E had not bid the winners would be A, B and D.

If this is too confusing bid high and bid often.  After all, this is a fundraiser to support our teams.

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